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Want to find out the Dash Price Prediction for 2024, 2025, 2026, all the way to 2030?

We provide crypto price predictions by gathering a combination of time series data, media news, regulator activities, coin events, trading volumes on exchanges, and general statistics.

Most of our predictions/price forecasts range from 2024 to 2030, which we try to update regularly.

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Dash Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 | DASH Forecast

About Dash (DASH History)

Dash has been with us since 2014, though it took the name Dash back in 2015.

Yet, despite being with us for so long, many investors aren’t always sure what Dash is or its unique use case.

Simply put, Dash is a Bitcoin fork, though with some key differences.
First, Dash runs a Proof-of-Stake variant, known as X11, for their consensus mechanism and then uses CoinJoin mixing services to scramble transactions to maintain privacy on the blockchain.

Alternatively, Bitcoin uses a much more energy-intensive Proof-of-Work system and doesn’t allow for privacy, given that all transactions are recorded on their publicly viewable ledger.

Clearly, given privacy was a core philosophy behind Bitcoin’s creation, Dash claims to be more in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for cryptocurrencies, an anonymous asset used as conveniently as spending cash.

Though now you know what Dash is, we’re sure you’re wondering how it has been behaving since launch?

DASH Price Analysis

Initially, DASH launched back in February 2014 for $0.21, marking its all-time low, as never since has it fallen below this initial launching price.

Within months, DASH has surpassed $15 as it caught the first-ever Bitcoin halving event and the subsequent price boom.

Though, it was in 2017 that DASH went parabolic.

As if going from $0.21 to $15 wasn’t already good enough, at a 7,000% ROI, 2017 was about to show us in the grand scheme of crypto, this amount was nothing.

Starting 2017 at a price of just over $11, it would end in a late December all-time high of $1,493.59.

Therefore, had you got in at the all-time low of $0.21 and sold near the all-time high of $1,493.59, you would be looking at over 700,000% ROI.

More DASH Price Analysis

However, at least for now, here is where the picture begins to turn.

As, two years later, in December 2019, DASH found itself down at $39.56, highlighting just how chaotic a crypto bull run can be.

Additionally, DASH wasn’t one of the cryptocurrencies to surpass its all-time high in the 2021 bull run.

However, just because it didn’t surpass an all-time high doesn’t mean there wasn’t an opportunity to make a profit.

Starting in January 2020 at around $40, it would be circa $100 12 months later before achieving an all-time high of $441.96 by May 2021.

Although not as tasty as 700,000%, a 1,000% ROI still isn’t bad by any standard investment portfolio.

Yet, DASH couldn’t sustain all of this recent investment and currently trades around $100 again.

So, is it done, or is there any hope for DASH?

For more DASH Price Analysis, click here!

DASH price forecast 2024

Dash Price Prediction/DASH Forecast for 2024, 2025 AND 2030

We predict future Dash short & long-term price predictions/DASH price forecasts at cryptopredictpro.com using deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis on Dash price data from the past. We work hard to collect as much historical data for the DASH coin as possible, including multiple parameters such as past price, Dash market cap, volume, and a few others. Read our predictions if you want to invest in digital cryptocurrencies and get a good return on your investment. Additionally, if you want to see DASH price analysis charts, historical data, and more, click here!

DASH Price Prediction 2022 (DASH Forecast)

Unfortunately, the daily chart is not showing a particularly positive outlook in the short term.

Presently, DASH is trading on the negative sides of its MACD and MA Cross.

Adding to the misery, DASH is also trading below its 20, 50, and 100 days RMA.

Consequently, our analysts believe DASH may fall further before finding its floor.

Therefore, the prediction for 2022 is between $50 and $100.

DASH Price Prediction 2023 (DASH Forecast)

Likewise, 2023 isn’t currently looking any more positive for the crypto market overall.

If DASH ends up between $40 and $50, where it has found recent support, our analysts wouldn’t be surprised.

DASH Price Prediction 2024 (DASH Forecast)

The year 2024 will be a pivotal one for DASH.

By then, we expect to see CBDCs going live, and the realization of how intrusive that sort of data could be should become evident.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee people will have this revelation so soon, given we are only 18 months away from that date.

Currently, we predict DASH will reclaim $100 in 2024.

DASH Price Prediction 2025 (DASH Forecast)

However, it’s in 2025 that we discover if DASH is going to have a good year or a great year.

If it has a good year, it’ll reclaim $250.

Yet, if it has a great year, we would expect to see that price closer to $600.

DASH Price Prediction 2026 (DASH Forecast)

Unfortunately, waves of green are often followed by a sea of red.

Meaning, that we expect the market to turn in 2026, and, with it, we may see DASH fall to between $100 and $250, depending on how far it climbed in 2025.

DASH Price Prediction 2027 (DASH Forecast)

Furthermore, like 2023, 2027 is predicted to be a poor year for the market overall.

Assuming this is the case, our analysts predict DASH will end up between $75 and $150.

DASH Price Prediction 2028 (DASH Forecast)

By 2028, CBDCs should be firmly implemented, and everyone should be aware of the potential shortcomings.

Accordingly, we believe it is 2028 and 2029 where DASH has the best chance to see new all-time highs.

Consequently, our prediction for 2028 is DASH will reclaim $750.

DASH Price Prediction 2029 (DASH Forecast)

Then, as the bull market continues, we believe in its best year, DASH may finally achieve $1,500, setting a new all-time high.

DASH Price Prediction 2030 (DASH Forecast)

Though, as is customary for DASH, after the top comes to the drop, we believe we could see DASH slam back down to $500 in its wake.

DASH Price Prediction Chart

YearPredicted Year LowPredicted Year High

DASH Overview

Ticker SymbolDASH
Total Supply18,900,000
Official Websitedash.org
Based OnPayment Blockchain
Year Founded2014
WalletsDash Wallet
ExchangesBinance, BitZ,
HitBTC, Huobi Global,
Digifinex, HitBTC, Kucoin.


Often, people say DASH has already seen its best days.

While these people may be correct, our analysts would also like to point out that perhaps Dash was just ahead of its time.

Dash may not be the privacy coin to rule them all, but it still solves an ever-increasing problem of government interference and the erosion of privacy.

Though, as CBDCs become mainstream, it seems likely that individuals will look to find a way to hide their transactions. Naturally, people first think of crime.

But, lest we forget, there are plenty of legal things we buy that we wouldn’t necessarily want our names attached to – like my subscriptions to White Dwarf magazine or World of Warcraft, primarily.

Suggesting, although it currently looks as if Dash has fallen off, our analysts wouldn’t be too surprised if, at some point, we saw a comeback.

Although, maybe more than any other cryptocurrency we’ve covered, investing in DASH is all about spotting the right buy-in opportunity.

Unlike others, DASH seems particularly vulnerable to price movements, both up and down.

We give Dash 3 stars out of five. What is your price prediction for DASH? Leave your rating and comments below!


1. What do we expect the highest price forecast for DASH to be for the year 2024?
We expect the DASH price to reach a maximum level of $104.74 in 2024.

2. How high can the price of DASH go?
In 2026, we estimate that the coin will easily reach around the $254.70 mark. However, in 2029, our DASH Price Prediction for 2029 is $1,521.70, which we believe will be its highest peak.

3. How much will DASH be worth in 2030?
Our DASH price prediction for 2030 is around the $506.11 mark.

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