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Most of our predictions/price forecasts range from 2024 to 2030, which we try to update regularly.

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OKB Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 | OKB Forecast

About OKB (OKB History)

OKB is a cryptocurrency launched in 2018 created by the OK Blockchain Foundation and OKEx, a Maltese crypto exchange.

OKEx is one of the largest exchanges globally, ranking third by liquidity and fourth by trading volume.

Similar in many aspects to the cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance, but there are a few key differences, such as OKEx’s cloud mining service.

Behind OKEx is OKB, the utility token that enables users to access the crypto exchange’s trading platform.

There, the coin is used to calculate and pay trading fees, grant users access to voting and governance on the platform, and reward users for holding OKB.

So, with that out the way, how has the price been behaving?

OKB Price Analysis

Having launched in mid-2018, OKB initially fell from its $4.76 launch to an all-time low of $0.58 by January 2019. From there, the trajectory would reverse, and the price would oscillate to the upside.

Although it did see new highs during this period, the action really began to kick off in February 2021 when the price skyrocketed from around $6 to $44.

Those lucky enough to have gotten in near the all-time low and sold near the all-time high would be looking at a return on investment of nearly 7,500%.

So with a healthy 4-figure return in under 3 years, you would be forgiven in asking if the OKB token had any more room to grow.

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OKB Price Forecast 2024

OKB Price Prediction/OKB Price Forecast for 2024, 2025 AND 2030

We predict future OKB short & long-term price predictions/OKB price forecasts at cryptopredictpro.com using deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis on OKB price data from the past. We work hard to collect as much historical data for the OKB coin as possible, including multiple parameters such as past price, OKB market cap, OKB volume, and a few others. Read our predictions if you want to invest in digital cryptocurrencies and get a good return on your investment. Additionally, if you want to see OKB price analysis charts, historical data, and more, click here!

OKB Price Prediction 2021 (OKB Forecast)

Despite currently trading around 45% down on its all-time high and already offering about 300% ROI over the last 12 months, OKB’s performance on the daily chart appears to be indicating an end to the price bleeding.

Currently, OKB is trading on the positive side of its MACD and MA Cross, in addition to trading under its 20 and 50 RMA close. Suggesting OKB may currently be slightly undervalued.

Consequently, our analysts predict the price will likely hold around its current position for the rest of the year. Giving us an end-of-year valuation somewhere around the $25 mark.

OKB Price Prediction 2022 (OKB Forecast)

As OKB is a utility token for an exchange, we don’t expect to see OKB do well once the bear market hits. This is because OKB is mainly used to facilitate the crypto between people who want crypto and people who have crypto.

If nobody is actively looking to purchase crypto, then there’s nobody to sell to, and as such, the price struggles to move to the upside.

Therefore, we predict OKB’s value could drop to around $15 as the demand for crypto calms.

OKB Price Prediction 2023 (OKB Forecast)

Moving into 2023, we remain unconvinced that OKB will defy the market for the same reasons as mentioned in 2022. Thus, suggesting a decrease to around $10 where it has found previous support.

OKB Price Prediction 2024 (OKB Forecast)

Progressing into 2024, we should begin to see trends reverse. We believe OKB is likely to see an early increase in price action as a bull market reappears, given it is used to facilitate transactions between fiat and crypto.

As crypto-mania begins to reemerge, so will rabid new investors, and OKEx will likely be able to siphon a percentage of that new investor money through their platform.

Ultimately leaving our expert analysts with a price prediction of $30 for 2024.

OKB Price Prediction 2025 (OKB Forecast)

Additionally, as the bull run begins to peak, we may see OKB break $100, calming somewhere around the $120 region.

OKB Price Prediction 2026 (OKB Forecast)

Sadly, prices don’t go up forever. Eventually, they have to come down too. With the impending bear market, we may see OKB crash to around $60.

OKB Price Prediction 2027 (OKB Forecast)

As in the previous bear market, without the demand for crypto to push up its price, we may see OKB slowly decrease in value, perhaps taking its price down to $50 before patterns begin to reverse.

OKB Price Prediction 2028 (OKB Forecast)

In 2028, we expect OKB to follow the pattern set in 2024. Meaning, we may see an early rise in the tokens value because it is necessary for acquiring crypto as a bull market reemerges.

At its height for 2028, we may see OKB reclaim $100 during this time.

OKB Price Prediction 2029 (OKB Forecast)

Throughout 2029, our analysts don’t believe it’s unreasonable for OKB to achieve $200.

While this may seem bullish, to achieve this would only require the same amount of invested capital as 5th place achieved by market cap during the 2021 bull run.

Given the time involved, we do not believe this to be unachievable should OKB manage to maintain its relevance in the space.

Especially not when you consider this would make it only 1/10th of what Ethereum’s market-cap achieved during 2021.

OKB Price Prediction 2030 (OKB Forecast)

Lastly, in 2030, if previous patterns continue to hold true, we will likely see some cool off during this year.

Finally, we predict OKB may fall to $130 in the wake of this bull run.

OKB Price Prediction Chart

YearPredicted Year LowPredicted Year High
2021 $25.42$32.56

OKB Overview

Ticker SymbolOKB
Total Supply300,000,000
Official WebsiteOkex.com
Based OnERC-20 Token
Year Founded2019
All-Time High$7.51 USD
ExchangesOKEx, BKEX, DragonX


Exchange coins feel ebbs and flow the hardest. Given that their whole deal is to aid people in exchanging crypto, if no one wants to trade crypto, it can be a struggle to see positive price action.

That said, we believe crypto’s overall market cap is only likely to increase with time. If that is true, and OKB manages to avoid any potential pitfalls, we see no reason why it will not continue to grow with time.

We give OKB 3.5 stars out of five. What is your price prediction for OKB? Leave your rating and comments below!


1. What do we expect the highest price forecast for OKB to be for the year 2024?
We expect the OKB price to reach a maximum level of $34.19 in 2024.

2. How high can the price of OKB go?
In 2026, we estimate that the coin will easily reach around the $65.39 mark. However, in 2029, our OKB Price Prediction for 2029 is $214.63, which we believe will be its highest peak.

3. How much will OKB be worth in 2030?
Our OKB price prediction for 2030 is around the $132.52 mark.

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