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Wax Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030 | WAXP Forecast

About WAX (WAXP History)

WAX, also known by the ticker WAXP, is a layer-1, NFT-focused blockchain, albeit with a green twist.

Unlike most blockchains, WAX is certified carbon neutral, which only becomes more impressive when you realize how many NFTs they mint on their blockchain.

The official home of NFT collections for Funko, Topps, Capcom, and more, WAX is looking to make its name as the cheaper, greener version of Ethereum.

Additionally, NFTs built on the WAX blockchain have a chance to be backed by a digital asset.

Therefore, your NFT, which cost roughly $0.20 to mint in April 2022, could now be backed by an additional piece of WAX.

For example, say you backed 1 WAXP to an NFT you created. That NFT at any point can be burned to redeem that 1 WAXP.

Ultimately, if the value of WAXP increases, people will begin to burn the NFTs to redeem the WAXP value.

A plus the NFT market overall, as being an immutable, digital asset, there are very few fairer ways to get NFTs out of circulation – which prevents making them rarer and worth more as collectible items.

But, now you know what WAX is, how has it performed since launch?

WAXP Price Analysis

Perhaps, unfortunately, WAX launched right at the peak of crypto madness during the tail end of the previous bull run.

Reaching markets on January 8th, 2018, for a price of $1.20, the very next day, it would be valued at an all-time high of $2.77.

From there, it ebbed and flowed its way down until reaching an all-time low of $0.015 by late December 2019.

Naturally, most thought WAX had perished, going from $2.77 to less than $0.02.

Yet, apparently not, as WAX had been developing strategic partnerships behind the scenes while improving its platform.

Such as the aforementioned “certified carbon neutral,” which was something they first began to achieve in 2019.

Seemingly, this had done enough to win over new investors, as despite starting March 2021 at around $0.07, by April, WAXP would be sitting at $0.33.

The market began to wane through the summer of 2021, but by the end of this bunny market, WAXP would climb to $0.39 by August and eventually as high as $0.94 come November 2021.

Unfortunately, there is no all-time low to an all-time high, as the all-time low came after the all-time high.

However, from the all-time low to the 2021 peak, WAXP would have netted investors over 6,000% ROI.

But, how does the future look, and will WAX ever surpass this initial day-2 all-time high?

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WAX Price Forecast

Wax Price Prediction/WAXP Price Forecast for 2024, 2025 AND 2030

We predict future Wax short & long-term price predictions/WAXP price forecasts at cryptopredictpro.com using deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis on Wax price data from the past. We work hard to collect as much historical data for the WAXP coin as possible, including multiple parameters such as past price, Wax market cap, WAXP volume, and a few others. Read our predictions if you want to invest in digital cryptocurrencies and get a good return on your investment. Additionally, if you want to see Wax price analysis charts, historical data, and more, click here!

WAX Price Prediction 2022 (WAXP Forecast)

Despite performing well for most of March, recently, WAXP has fallen onto the negative sides of its MACD and MA Cross.

Furthermore, it has also fallen through its 20, 50, and 100 days RMA, suggesting that WAXP may still have some downward action to follow in the immediate future.

Consequently, our analysts believe WAXP will spend most of this year between $0.25 and $0.40.

WAX Price Prediction 2023 (WAXP Forecast)

Next, in 2023, models currently suggest this downward trend may continue.

Meaning, that once again, we may see WAXP take a further slide to around $0.20.

WAX Price Prediction 2024 (WAXP Forecast)

Fortunately, with 2024 comes a Bitcoin halving, which has typically stimulated the market overall.

Assuming this pattern repeats and assuming this pattern also reignites interest in the NFT market, it is not unreasonable to believe WAX will see some positive price action.

Our analysts currently predict a price of around $0.50 as investor interest begins to reappear.

WAX Price Prediction 2025 (WAXP Forecast)

Additionally, as the bull market peak is often 12 months or more after the Bitcoin halving, we could see the height of the prices appear in 2025.
Here, we believe we may see a $2.50 WAXP token emerge.

WAX Price Prediction 2026 (WAXP Forecast)

Unfortunately, green days don’t last forever, and 2026 could be when the market begins to change.

Meaning, that if WAX falls to around $1 in its wake, our analysts wouldn’t be too surprised.

WAX Price Prediction 2027 (WAXP Forecast)

Likewise, in 2027, we believe the market will follow a similar pattern to 2023, providing crypto history continues to repeat as it has done before.

Consequently, if WAX falls to around $0.90, it wouldn’t be too shocking to our analysts.

WAX Price Prediction 2028 (WAXP Forecast)

Like in 2024, 2028 brings with it another Bitcoin halving which we hope will continue to stimulate the market.

Providing that is true, we believe we may see WAX retake $2 during this year.

WAX Price Prediction 2029 (WAXP Forecast)

Penultimately, in 2029, we believe WAX will finally surpass its all-time high, perhaps climbing as high as $8.

Although this may seem bullish now, achieving this $8 price tag would only require the same market cap as TerraUSD had in April 2022.

Naturally, given the length of time between now and then, we don’t think it’s unreasonable to imagine that in 7 years, this particular blockchain could have the same market cap as 14th place did in early 2022.

WAX Price Prediction 2030 (WAXP Forecast)

Lastly, as is often the case, what goes up must come down.

Therefore, our final prediction is that WAX will likely end somewhere around the $4 mark by 2030.

Wax (WAXP) Price Prediction Chart

YearPredicted Year LowPredicted Year High

Wax (WAXP) Overview

Ticker SymbolWAXP
Total Supply3,875,842,311
Official Websitewax.io
Based OnA purpose-built blockchain designed
to make e-commerce transactions
faster, simpler and safer for every party involved.
Year Founded2017
WalletsWAX Wallet
ExchangesBinance, Kucoin,
Huobi Global, Bittrex,
Gate.io, Bithumb.


Although much of WAX’s success is dependent on the survival, or perhaps revival, of NFTs, assuming NFTs continue to stay with us, they certainly have one of the more appealing blockchains for brands to create their NFT projects.

Being eco-conscious is probably never going to leave us from this point.

Consequently, making this a priority for their blockchains could help mitigate unwanted or unwarranted attention later on.

Of course, there are never any guarantees in crypto, but given what we have seen so far, should leadership manage to guide WAX successfully through any turbulence, we still believe WAX’s best days lay ahead.

We give Wax 3.5 stars out of five. What is your price prediction for WAXP? Leave your rating and comments below!


1. What do we expect the highest price forecast for Wax to be for the year 2024?
We expect the Wax price to reach a maximum level of $0.53 in 2024.

2. How high can the price of WAXP go?
In 2026, we estimate that the coin will easily reach around the $1.03 mark. However, in 2029, our WAX Price Prediction for 2029 is $8.12, which we believe will be its highest peak.

3. How much will WAXP be worth in 2030?
Our WAXP price prediction for 2030 is around the $4.05 mark

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