Bitcoin reach all-time high

When will Bitcoin reach $100,000?

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When will Bitcoin reach $100,000? Do will believe it can surpass that price mark? Read more below to find out.

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When will Bitcoin reach $100,000?

The crypto market is in a slump, and the new lower lows suggest a bear market is most likely underway.

With speculation rife, and uncertainty the new certainty, we thought we’d look at what’s going on and try to answer the question: when will Bitcoin reach $100000?

Depending on where you look, the answer is all over the place.

So today, we take a sampling of information from various places, and we’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

First, if it’s true that we are in the bear market, this is when you need to strap in.

You have missed the exit ramp on the crypto highway, and you may want to keep driving until whenever new all-time highs are reached.

But when will that be, and how low will it go in between?

bitcoin reach all-time high

What do we believe through our analysis?

Historically, the Bitcoin halving has led to increased interest in the crypto market overall.

Traditionally, this spike comes the year following the Bitcoin halving.

Therefore, if history continues to repeat, we could be looking at 2024 for $100,000 and 2025 before we see the peak to any new all-time highs.

Previously, our analysts predicted highs of $180,000 in 2024 and maybe as high as $400,000 in 2025.

Of course, history isn’t a guarantee of future performance, which leads us to the other side of the question: how low will it go before then?

While opinions stretch from $20,000 down to $9,000, personally, we don’t believe Bitcoin will fall below $12,000.

To fall below $9,000 seems almost impossible unless the large institutional investors want to exit for a massive loss.

In our opinion, if $10,000 BTC doesn’t become a massive buy signal, we can’t imagine what figure would.

That said, it is likely a slow decline down to this point.

What do we see coming for Bitcoin in 2023?

We are unlikely to see Bitcoin go from $28,000 to $9,000 overnight.

However, we believe by the middle of 2023 we will likely be near the bear market low.

If our analysts are correct, this will likely be lower than the prediction in our Bitcoin article.

For 2023, initially, we predicted Bitcoin would fall to $25,000, but as its hit $28,000 in June 2022, we accept it may fall below our original estimate.

In its worst year, we see a $12,000 Bitcoin in mid-2023.

Yet, a more likely prediction will be between $15,000 and $20,000 for 2023. But that’s what our analysts think.

How do other commentators feel about Bitcoin?

What do other sources have to say about Bitcoin Price Predictions? believe $100,000 is likely to appear in 2023 or 2024 but also notes that if all global macroeconomic factors line up in its favor, then a $100,000 BTC token wouldn’t be impossible for some point during 2022. was feeling bullish when it wrote this recent article, stating it believes $100,000 could occur in 2022, and then featured an array of predictions from various commentators.

Among them, is Matthew Hyland, a crypto on-chain data analyst, who also echos that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in 2022.

More Bitcoin Price Predictions from other sources mentions how Matt Hougan, the chief investment officer of Bitwise Asset Management, said to BloombergTV that Bitcoin could hit $100,000 in 2022.

Likewise, it also mentioned Fidelity’s Director of Global Macro, Jurrien Timmer, has said Bitcoin could hit $100,000 by 2023.

And how the founder of cryptocurrency lender Nexo told CNBC that Bitcoin could surge to $100,000 by as soon as mid-2022.

Though, websites like give a more stark and possibly more realistic outlook for 2023. Suggesting Bitcoin will spend 2023 battling between $37,500 and $48,000.

However, that is nothing compared to the bleak outlook presented by

There, they suggest Bitcoin could spend 2023 between $24,500 and $28,600, which is not an unfair prediction.

But, the horror creeps in when they predict even by December 2025 that Bitcoin could be fighting between $ 32,200 and $38,000. Which, at least to our analysts, would be shocking should it prove accurate. also has a somewhat realistic prediction for 2022 but again does not recapture any high even by the high of 2025.

According to their analysis, Bitcoin will battle between $31,200 and $21,200 for the rest of the year.

Although, their analysis also only predicts a high of $59,200 in October 2024, before dropping to $ 36’000 and then regaining $58,000 in 2025.

They could be correct, but as those who feel a $100,000 Bitcoin is likely in 2022 are a bit bullish, we suspect those who predict a $58,000 Bitcoin in 2025 are also a bit bearish.

What do we predict Bitcoin’s lowest price would be?

So how far will Bitcoin fall, and how far will it recover?

Depending on where you look, it may drop to $9,000 or surpass $100,000 all within the next six months.

Looking further forward, Finder asked a rotating panel of five fintech specialists on a bi-weekly basis if they are bullish or bearish on crypto. An average of their findings suggest Bitcoin could be worth $65,100 by the end of 2022, but further afield believe BTC will be $179,200 by 2025.

Ultimately, price predictions can be a tricky art to master.

Though, if you believe a product will break its all-time high at some point in the future, then when it’s down over 50% could be a good time to question if you should begin investing or not.

Disclaimer: All price predictions/forecasts on our website are provided solely for informational purposes. No part of the content we provide on our website should be viewed as financial advice or any other form of investment advice for your investments. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, you should conduct your own research and analysis. Trading is a high-risk business; therefore, before making any decisions, please consult with your financial advisor.