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When will Cardano reach $10?

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When will Cardano reach $10? Do will believe it can surpass that price mark? Read more below to find out.

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When will Cardano reach $10?

As the markets begin to tumble into what certainly feels like the beginning of the next crypto winter, we thought it would be a good time to review our earlier predictions.

Today, we are asking the question, when will Cardano’s ADA token reach $10?

Cardano has had quite a bull run, starting 2021 at $0.18 and achieving a high of $3.09 in September.

Unfortunately, the fall from grace has been just as dramatic as ADA has fallen to around $0.45 at the time of writing.

Initially, we predicted ADA would hold above $1 even into 2023 and that it wouldn’t be until 2029 that Cardano breaks the $10 ceiling, so are there any amendments we would like to make?

Clearly, our more optimistic lower prediction was battered and bruised, and we should now look at the more brutal reality of a crypto winter.

During the last crypto winter, Bitcoin tumbled by up to 6x, and altcoins generally saw between a 6x and 13x slashing.

Of course, history cannot be used as an indicator of future performance.

But, if we assume that it did, that could mean we are strapping in for an ADA price of between $0.23 and $0.51. Depending on if it stops at 6x or continues to a 13x drop from its all-time high.

Naturally, given we are already through the 6x prediction, our analysts are inclined to take the lower figure of $0.23 as their lower prediction for 2022.

Though, the question was when Cardano would surpass $10.

Cardano Price Predictions

Could Cardano surpass $10 and when?

Sadly, we still aren’t convinced Cardano will break $10 in 2025.

Our analysts feel while it is possible, it would require around a 43x move in price to go from $0.23 to $10.

In fairness, during the 2021 bull run, Cardano started the year at $0.18 and ended at an all-time high of $3.09 in September, an increase of 17x.

So, should ADA manage to hold around its current position of $0.45, a 17x move would bring its value up to $7.65, which aligns with our initial upper prediction for ADA in 2025.

However, there’s no guarantee ADA’s price has finished bleeding just yet, given that Bitcoin still appears to be on shaky legs, and typically, the market follows BTC.

But enough of our analysts’ opinions, what do other commentators predict?

What do other sources have to say about Cardano Price Predictions?

Depending on where you look, you will find quite a range of predictions.

For example, starting with, predict ADA will float between $0.39 and $2.35 in 2022, depending on if the market remains bearish or goes back to being bullish.

Alternatively, believes it won’t be 2023 before ADA regains $1, with only their most optimistic prediction for 2022 giving Cardano a value of $1.04. gives a prediction of between $0.92 and $1.54 for 2022.

DigitalCoinPrice had initially predicted a $3.83 for 2022, but current events seem to have caused a significant revision to between $0.57 and $0.65.

Most likely, rightfully, once the crypto winter begins, it can be long and cruel.

More Cardano Price Predictions from other sources

Alternatively, believes ADA will end 2022 between $0.55 and $0.67.

They also state they believe it will be 2030 before ADA reaches the $10 mark, where they think Cardano’s value will find itself between $13.55 and $15.69. initially predicted between $1.01 and $1.59, which at the time would have seemed somewhat bearish and now could seem bullish.

Recently, they have updated their predictions to reflect the current state of the market and predict ADA could leave Q4 of 2022 with a value of between $0.65 and $1.05.

So what can we make from all this?

How Do we see Cardano’s price long-term? What is our ADA Price Prediction?

Clearly, there are a lot of discrepancies, ranging from $0.23 to $2.35, a 10x difference.

Although no conclusive price can be agreed upon, it seems almost no matter where you look, no one believes ADA will achieve a new all-time high in 2022, and few believe ADA can reach $10 by 2025.

However, what else is present is that every single commentator believes ADA’s trajectory is still upward overall, despite the recent price slaughter.

Assuming no other major macroeconomic factors creep in to smash markets between now and 2025, our analysts also feel Cardano’s future is still prosperous, with the potential for a 15x move should history repeat itself.

That said, there are always macroeconomic factors at play, both positive and negative ones, so it’s more of a question of how Cardano will respond to or after these events.

Though, as always, as with everything in crypto, nothing is guaranteed, hence the wide range of price predictions you can find from commentators online.

Yet, despite the recent turmoil, you will struggle to find commentators saying the end is near for ADA.

Most seemingly agree that over the long run, things are more likely to improve than not for the platform overall.

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